Wednesday, 14 August 2013

K-solo acquires new Range rover sport

The controversial music artist has taken delivery of his new SUV. Congrats to you man...hard work pays!


  1. Where did this one get money to buy this car biko? He's busy tryna keep up with A-list celebrities who have steady sources of income through numerous endorsement deals and concerts. I pity him. Instead of him to save for the rainy days or does he think he's really relevant in this day and age? Anyways what's my own?

    Koolyarns, your post a comment list hardly opens so it's really hard to comment. I was quite surprised when it opened for this. Please look into this on your mobile version (for phone users)

  2. Atlist u don fit buy d range wey u almost kill ur mama 4 but pls save 4 raining days.