Wednesday, 14 August 2013

John Dumelo's alleged wife set to divorce him

John Dumelo's estranged wife whom he has denied knowing, Harrina Alexander has revealed her intentions to divorce the Ghanaian superstar.

Harrina who has been lying low for a while,resurfaced after some reports hit the internet that John Dumelo has a new woman, who accompanied the actor to Channel O’s O News Live in Accra over the weekend.

She wrote this to a Ghanaian blogger, Ameya Debrah,
This is Mrs. Harrina Alexander, I am writing to you because you seem to be a very close friend to John.. You lie for him and everything. Tell your friend since he has this new old looking woman in Ghana. I will serve his divorce papers this month in Ghana. I will be in Ghana to serve his papers with my lawyer since he reuse to cooperate with me. Lets see who is telling the truth in all this useless saga!! No matter how many woman he carry around he still have a wife.. So they are looking so stupid. Anyway please relate my message to your friend.”


  1. I still don't believe this dude is married to this dudette though. Why would someone lie about marriage sef? It really isn't that serious. She should get the divorce she wants cos this isn't even what a marriage should be in the first place. *rme*

  2. Na dia kpalava b dat.. I never liked john. Love me some majid.